Our past, our present and our future

We came up with the idea behind A Potential Diamond in early 2013 when we ran it as a pilot project at Central Sussex College, Crawley. Following the success of this pilot, in 2014 we secured a small amount of funding from the college and a one-off grant from West Sussex County Council.

During 2014 we worked with approximately 25 people; our youngest was 17 with no qualifications whatsoever and our oldest was 44 with a degree in environmental sciences. We supported all of these people to make progress in their lives and were instrumental in 7 job outcomes. In 2015 we joined forces with Manor Green College to launch our Business Buddies project and in 2017 we extended the initiative to work with young people at Central Sussex College.

Could you be part of our future? We are always looking for more partnerships from the private and public sectors so that we can carry on supporting our widening pool of potential diamonds.


How we work

We take the most natural approach for each individual. We get to know their families, communities and employers within easy reach of home. We focus on what positive attributes our jobseekers can bring to the workplace whilst embracing what adjustments the employer might need to make to live in harmony with the autism or learning disability.

In our sector we hear the phrase job-ready a great deal. However, we believe successful employment is more about the job-fit than job-readiness. Perhaps, when you got your job whilst you were at school at college (or when you had just left) you didn't feel totally ready for it. Perhaps you felt slightly anxious on your first day, maybe even for the first week.

Our model of employment support puts the emphasis on getting the job-fit right. Each one of our jobseekers will have their own unique set of circumstances that will make up the best job-fit. And we believe we do a very good job understanding exactly what these are.